HaLim Country Blocker

HaLim Country Blocker is a plugin that allows you to limit access to your website content. You can either allow or disallow visitors from defined countries to (parts of) your content.

By default, this plugin uses “Cloudflare’s IP Geolocation” to capture country codes for their visitors on their origin web server. If your domain name is not using Cloudfrare DNS service, this plugin will uses the GeoLite database from Maxmind. It has a 99.5% accuracy so that is pretty good for a free database. If you need higher accuracy you can buy a license from MaxMind directly

Configuring Cloudflare IP Geolocation

This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Cloudflare Dashboard through the Network app.

IP Geolocation card in Network app, Cloudflare dashboard.

This plugin only works on HaLimMovie version 5.5




Before blocked


After Blocked:

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